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         Minrui Dyeing & Printing Machinery CO. LTD, Wuxi, China

        User Manual
        (Mechanical Section)


        Table of Contents
        Table of Contents
        1. Functions 1
        2. Process Diagram and Mechanism 1
        3. Specifications and Technical Parameters 3
        4. Main Components of Decatizing Machine 4
        5. Installations, Testing and Commissioning 7
        6. Operation and Control Sequences 8
        7. Lubrication and Maintenance 15
        8. Electric Components (refer to electrical instructions) 18
        9. Other Components to Be Provided by the Buyers 18
        10. Drawings and Technical Documents 18
        11. Attachment - Drawings 18
        1. Functions
        This continuous decatising machine is used for finishing process of various fabrics including pure wools, polyester-viscose and polyester-acrylic, especially suit fabrics.
        2. Process Diagram and Mechanism
        Figure 1 shows process diagram of this machine. It is a high-temperature and high-pressure decatizer consisting of continuous three-cylinder decatising machine and one enclosed pressure container. The automatic centering control smoothly and centrally conveys the fabrics from the winding racks. (Users can choose one from two types: three-cylinders driving spiral spreading with two cylinders centering and two cylinders passively spiral spreading with three cylinders centering), with no or little tension, the fabrics are extended flat and evenly on the satin and are winded on the cylinder together with satin. The decatizing cylinder, driven by the AC servo motor, is a hollow drum with perforated surface. Three cylinders consecutively work by turns, which means one cylinder is winding, another one conveys the satin out, at the same time the steamed fabrics automatically is dropped onto the unwinding belt. After the winding process, the large turntable flips to roll the cylinder with fabrics wound over to the kier. After the swing arm of pneumatic cylinder pushes the cylinder into kier, the kier will close and start its decatizing process. We designed 16 decatizing processes for this machine so users can choose any one according to different kinds of fabrics. During the decatizing process, the other two cylinders will proceed with winding and unwinding process respectively. When the decatizing process finishes, steam supply stops. The cylinder’s water inlet at the center will connect to the lifting suction arm which is linked to the vacuum pump, and then the suction arm sucks out the condense water from cylinder center to cool down the fabrics and keep the satin dry. After the suction process, the large turntable flips the cylinder back with fabrics wound and send it to the kier. Next cycle begins.
        The unwinding shelf is equipped with unwinding belt, output web curtain, unwinding cylinder, doffing bucket and cooling fan, etc. The fabrics output from decatizing cylinder will be conveyed by PTEF web belt, then finish its output progress through the doffing bucket of the driving output cylinder. The cooling fan and suction fan are installed on the conveyer mesh. The unwinding cylinder is driven by inverter motor and is synchronous with the winding and unwinding speed of the decatizing cylinder, which controlled by photoelectric detector for no-tension output.
        The adjustment of satin tension is realized by the precise torque control of the servo motor. Users choose different tension curves based on different kinds of fabrics. Photoelectric Pneumatic correcting system is equipped in case of satin deviation. As the wrapper is absolutely wet after decatizing process, it can be dried through a steam drying cylinder (diameter: Ф150mm), which can make the decatizing even on one hand, and prolong the service life of satin.  
        This machine is equipped with systems of high-precision AC servo and AC inverter units. In addition, the man-machine interface, operated by touch screen, is accessible to any choice, setting and change of the technique progress, and can clearly display the operation progress. The operating system reacts promptly and control precisely, gaining high-quality decatizing effects.
        3. Specifications and Technical Parameters
        3.1  Nominal Width:1800 mm
        3.2  Running speed of fabrics: max.100m/min
        3.3  Diameter of decatizing cylinder: Ф900mm
        3.4  Number of decatizing cylinders: 3
        3.5  Number of decatizing cylinder worktables: 3
        3.6 Diameter of kier: Ф1600mm
        3.7 Fabrics’ length per decatizing process: max.600-750m
        3.8 Processing capability: 3~4 kier/hour
        3.9 Satin length needed for each cylinder: 650—800m
        3.10Overall processing fabrics capability: 2000~2400m/h
        3.11Steam pressure: min 0.4Mpa
            Max steam consumption: 1840kg/h
        3.12Compressed air pressure: min. 0.5Mpa
        Max steam consumption: 200L/min
        3.13Overall installed capacity: transmission power 32.5 kw
        Steam weight control: 36 kw, total: 68.5 kw
        3.14External dimension: 8650 mm L × 8870 mm W ×3600 mm H
        4. Main Components of Decatizing Machine
        This machine consists of 20 components: machine frame units, turntable units, cylinder drive, cylinder bias adjustment and heating units, cylinder and trolley running, winding, platform, output conveying, output, unwinding shelf, kier, rail transition, trolley, heated steam tube, cylinder suction, winding centering, pressing roll, steam path control, oil line control and electrical switch box, etc.
        4.1 Machine Frame
        The frames of wielded steels include 6 wallboards all around with some cross braces connected in the middle, easy for lifting.
        4.2 Turntable and trolley units
        As shown in Figure 2, the turn table is able to drive three cylinders to rotate, which facilitates three different places for three cylinders’ consecutive and alternate work. This is realized by the limit switch for positioning and the oil cylinder to push the location pin and lock turntable. The cross braces of turntable has Track 1, along which the decatizing cylinder enters the kier under the push of swing arm. After decatizing process, the cylinder will return along Track 1 back to the turntable.
        4.3 Steam Cylinder drive
        As shown in Figure 3, the rotation of upper and lower cylinder is driven by two servo motors directly connected with a reducer, axial clamps close to oil cylinder. During winding process, the satin’s constant tension is realized by controlling the precise torque of these two servo motors.
        4.4 Decatizing cylinder and pressing rollers
        The decatizing cylinder in Figure 4 is wielded with stainless steel plates of 3mm and end plates. Over 2000 nozzles are inlayed on the cylinder surface, which makes the heated steams with certain pressure sprayed evenly and vertically on satin and fabrics. To ensure the closeness of fabrics’ winding, we equip a pneumatic decatizing compression cylinder with increased pressure.
        4.5 Satin operation system
        This system consists of satin drive, satin heating units and centering units, etc. Satin drive is actually the upper decatizing cylinder. Please find the tension adjustment in Section 4.3. In order to achieve better decatizing effects as well as to prolong the satin life, this decatizing machine is designed to include the steam heating and drying processes. In addition, this machine is also equipped with the satin automatic photoelectric centering control to ensure the satin neatly wound.
        4.5.1 Fabrics operation system
        This system consists of winding drive and winding centering control. The former is the upper cylinder and the centering control is set for neat winding.
        4.6 Output web curtain and fabric-output units
        The decatized fabrics will be sent through the output web certain into the doffing bucket. The curtain is an annular teflon web curtain, directly transmitted by frequency-converter and direct-connected reducer. It is also detected by a photoelectric detector to ensure the consistency of output speed and winding speed of the decatizing cylinder, which realizes no-tension output. In case of deviation of output web curtain, this machines is equipped with web curtain correcting system.
        4.7 Decatizing Cylinder Dewatering Units
        As shown in Figure 5, when cylinder comes out of the kier after decatizing process, it carries a lot of steams with it, which can possibly degrade decatizing quality. The dewatering suction is designed to exhaust the steam out of the machine. The operating principle is that, under the control of pneumatic cylinder, the suction arm is lifted to the center of the decatizing cylinder and then the vacuum pump starts to withdraw water out of the decatizing cylinder.
        4.8 Kier Units
        The kier units as shown in Figure 6 is a pressure container made of 8 mm wielded carbon steel. Door open, close and locking are automatically operated by pneumatic cylinders that are controlled by electromagnetic valves. A safety cylinder is equipped at the kier bottom. The door opens only if steams in kier are fully exhausted and the safety pin on kier door falls down.
        4.9 Pneumatic Control
        Pneumatic control is applied in such procedures as automatic centering of satin and fabrics, cylinder’s moving into and out of kier, transit of tracks, cylinder suction, kier door opening, closing and locking, steaming center’s tight push and so on. The working principles is illustrated in Figure 7.
        4.10 Hydraulic Oil Line Control
        The hydraulic system controls the clamping of the cylinder and the positioning of rotating stand. See Figure 8 for schematic diagram of oil line.
        4.11 Thermal Steam Line Components
        See Figure 9 for the schematic diagram. These units supply the needed heated steams and discharge the condensed water.
        5. Installations, Testing and Commissioning
        5.1 This machine is installed without equipment base so that the ground needs to keep strong, flat and clean enough. The elevation difference of the ground area that this machine is situated should be less than 10 mm. Refer to Layout Plan of this machine in Figure 10.
        5.2 For operator’s safety, there should be a minimum clearance of 1200 mm around the machine, in case of any maintenance and operation.
        5.3 Before installation, it is necessary to draw the machine centerline and essential crosslines perpendicular to the centerline.
        5.4 Perpendicularity tolerance between axis of each cylinder and machine centerline ≤0.50/1000 mm
            Inspected by Plumb bob.
        5.5 Horizontal tolerance of each cylinder ≤0.25/1000mm, inspected by Telescopic Survey.
        5.6 Tolerance of each unit’s center lines ±1.0 mm, inspected by Plumb bob.
        6. Operation and Control Sequences
        6.1 Preparation prior to running the machine
        Inspect all connections to confirm each component is operational. Make sure that each lubrication section is lubricated by oil or grease as required, and confirm the steam pressure and compressed air supply meet the requirements for proper operation.
        6.2 Trial operation of the machine without load
        Before the test, make sure rotational direction of each motor is correct. Start each unit respectively by manual operation; inspect the operating conditions of each component. If any unusual status or issue is found, take measures immediately to rectify it. It shall take 2-3 hours for the trial operation of the machine without load, and next step operation should not start until the following conditions are confirmed during the trial process: 1). each unit runs smoothly without any issues; 2). There are no abnormal vibration, noise or scalding of each bearing housing; and 3). The mechanic speed meet the requirement.
        6.3 Installation of satin
        Each of the three decatizing cylinders has 2-3 mm protection layer, and two of the three decatizing cylinders are wrapped by satin that need to be installed by users.
        When power is on, open the compressed air inlet valve; the machine won’t start when compressed air is not connected or compressed air doesn’t reach the required pressure level.
        Press Button I (Low Speed) and the winding process begins. The base fabrics and satin, twined around the decatizing cylinder, are wound on winding rack according to the winding routine. This machine always starts to work in a low speed in order to avoid any sudden hitch of satin. Even if users accidentally press Button II (High Speed), the generation of the first pulse will make machine drive the trolley slowly.
        Press P2 Rotation Button and the turntable will rotate. After the turntable is in lock location, the wrapped cylinder is sent to the kier for decatizing, and the second cylinder is in winding process. When there is no pressure in kier after decatizing is finished, the warning light will be on and the pressure value on the panel indicates zero. Then operator needs to press P14 Button, so the kier opens and the decatized satin is sent from kier then delivered back to the turntable. After the suction arm is lifted, vacuum pump is turned on and starts to pump condensate water out of the cylinder.
        Another cylinder that finishes its winding process enters kier and starts its decatizing process. At the same time, the third cylinder’s base fabrics begin to be wound. After that, the processed satin is also wound and connected to the base fabrics of upper cylinder. During this process, the vacuum pump and exhaust fan should be turned on so that the satin is heated and dried and be wound on the upper decatizing cylinder. Same way to process another decatized satin.
        6.4 Operation of Decatizing Machine
        Use pressure regulating valve to adjust the compressed air pressure required for each unit as shown in the table below:
        This machine can adjust the following parameters to suit different fabrics:
        -Wrapper tension
        -Pneumatic cylinder pressure
        -Categories of circulation in use
        -Steam pressure?
        -Stall time of kier
        Except pneumatic cylinder pressure and steam pressure, other process parameters are adjusted by touch screen.
        There are 16 different circulation procedures set by this machine.
        Procedure 1: circulation closed
        Procedure 2: KD circulation from outside to inside
        Procedure 3: KD circulation from inside to outside
        Procedure 4: special KD circulation from inside to outside and from outside to inside
        Procedure 5: pulse KD circulation from inside to outside
        Procedure 6: super gloss KD circulation from outside to inside
        Procedure 7: steaming from outside to inside
        Procedure 8: steaming from inside to outside
        Procedure 9: steaming under pressure
        Procedure 10: KD white from outside to inside
        Procedure 11: KD white from inside to outside
        Procedure 12: KD start from outside to inside
        Procedure 13: KD start from inside to outside
        Procedure 14: KD in temperature from outside to inside
        Procedure 15: KD in temperature from inside to outside
        Procedure 16: special KD circulation from outside to inside and from inside to outside
        Complete process parameters setting in accordance with fabrics to be steamed, fabrics are tiled on the wrapper after threading through winding shelf, following the threading route. After the decatizing of fabric by the auto decatizing procedure, doffing will be completed by unwinding web curtain and doffing bucket.
        To obtain high-quality products, good exhaust steam performance in kier is a must, so it is important to install a monitor for exhaust steam.
        In order to reach this goal, a temperature sensor is installed on the branch of exhaust steam. When exhaust steam begins with some mixed air leaking, it means leakage and the operators should ensure that the rubber gasket on the top of cylinder is close tightly to the bottom of kier. If the thruster in the center of kier door performs well, it can lift the above rubber gasket close to the bottom of kier. It is suggested that minimum one or two piece(s) of cloth shall be inspected daily to ensure the quality of products.
        The setting values are recommended to achieve good exhaust steam performance:
        KD circulation from outside to inside
        TC1 105°~110°C      the displayed temperature of exhaust steam detector.
        TC3 90°                     the temperature of alarm detector.
        T3 360~500 second      the time of safety probe timer of exhaust steam.
        T5 30~40 second           the time of auxiliary alarm timer.
        Note: The temperature of TC1 detector must be set. When it is detected, the pressure in kier has already reached 1.3~1.6bar.
        KD circulation from inside to outside
        TC1 110°~120°C     the displayed temperature of exhaust steam detector.
        TC3 90°          the temperature of alarm detector.
        T3 360~500 second     the time of safety probe timer of exhaust steam.
        T5 30~40 second          the time of auxiliary alarm timer.
        T9 90~150 second          the time of auxiliary exhaust steam timer.
        Note: The temperature of TC1 detector must be set, because the pressure in kier has already reached 0.7~0.9bar when it is detected.
        6.5 Troubleshooting
        (1) The alarm system in the rotation of turntable is on.
        a      F8 travel switch off
        Contactor C4 in electric control cabinet is operated by hand with extreme care. Two-phrase power in C4 should be reversed at first, then the turntable shall be made to be reversed by inching C4 manually. The location can be considered to be correct when the operational track of the pulley is completely in a line with track that is connected to cylinder. Identify the cause of F8 not in working and to replace it if necessary. Once F8 and C4 power phrase are restored, after you press P2, the warning light shall be off and the turntable begins to rotate.
        b      F9 travel switch off in 10 seconds or F9 on in 3 seconds of operation
        Contactor C4 in electric control cabinet should be operated by hand with extreme care. The turntable shall be made to move by inching and the final location of the turntable should be tested to determine whether is in right location or not. To identify the cause of F9 not in work and to replace it if necessary. Once C4 are restored, after you press P2, the warning light shall be off and the turntable begins to rotate.
        (2) When press the button P14, and the warning light in control cabinet is not off, operators shall cut all the steam sources of kier, use manual operation valve to exhaust pressure and address the cause of safety pin not functional.
        (3) The machine shall be restarted if pulley fails to operate on the guide rail, pump, winding and unwinding, and ventilation fail to work. Then the operator should press the emergency button EM1, turn off the general power switch, and then turn on the general power switch again and turn on the general switch of compressed air.
        (4) Restoration of machine
        If there is the operation fault by operators, “Programme Phase Displacement” is shown on the screen, it is necessary to conduct procedure restoration and restart the machine with the primary conditions as follows: pulley on the turntable (F22 in work), suction arm of pump faces down (F21 in work), connection guide rail linked to kier (F20 in work), the power supply should be disconnected firstly when turntable location pin works (F10 and F11 in work). EM1 should be firstly pressed, then the general electrical switch turned off. The primary conditions to start the procedures are that operators use the special solenoid valve to control the pneumatic device and absolutely assurance each procedure in sequence. It is also necessary to implement the next step after the previous step has been completed for a while. In other words, the manual control of solenoid valve should be implemented after the solenoid valve has been restored for 4~5 minutes.
        (5) Troubleshooting after power outage
        a. If the power outage happens when turntable rotates and the cam of turntable hasn’t gone past the emergency limit switch F9 and alarm light L7 is on, the restoration shall be carried out in accordance with the above (1). If the turntable has gone past F9, pressing the restart button is enough.
        b. If the power outage happens before the complete exhaust steam of kier and after power recovery, pressing P5 button can restore it to the auto exhaust steam condition. Photoelectric signal in a period (on the major controlling cabinet) is throughout the whole exhaust stage and the operators shall test whether the release period of breadboard ends or not. If the display light is on, operators can press P14 kier door button. Then photoelectric signal is off, kier door is open and cylinder backs to turntable. If the power outage happens in the process of exhaust steam of kier and after power recovery, pressing P5 button can restore it to the auto exhaust steam condition. Once the photoelectric signal is on, it means the troubleshooting has finished, and the operators can press P14 to open the kier door.
        7. Lubrication and Maintenance
        7.1 The frequency of lubrication and maintenance of each component should follow the table below
        7.2 Inspect the operation conditions of rotating joints on the heating roller
        a.whether hoses are connected well or not
        b.whether there is dirt or metal flitter, especially for the new machines
        c.the abrasion of seal rings, if threaded nipples are torn, it may cause irreparable losses
        d.if steam flows well but heating roller is not hot, then operators should disassemble connections and clean the siphon copper tubes in heating roller (extra sealing rings and rotating joints are suggested to be stored as spare parts) 
        e.if the machine doesn’t work for a long time, the surface of revolution may have dirt retention or other things, and operators should clean this surface.
        7.3 Inspect and clean electric motors and air outlet of ventilating device and protective bars of vanes
        7.4 It is important that stainless steel sheets for the drainage location of cylinder should be cleaned completely. The surface of these stainless steel sheets should be with no stain because any stain will affect the recognition of photoelectric tubes, which may affect the drainage of cylinder condensed water.
        7.5 Inspect the rubber gasket for drainage on the left of cylinder and ensure its seal tight without any leaks. If there is any water stain on the decatizing blanket, it needs to be torn down for inspection, and the gasket needs to be changed if necessary.
        7.6 Wrapper should be cleaned every 3600 hours and the cleaning processes are advised to conduct as follows: open-width washing --- heated air drying (120°) --- tenter (120~150°) --- rolling
        When the wrapper is to be replaced, holes and pipes of cylinder should be inspected whether are blocked or not.
        7.7 Inspect the drive unwinding web curtain and the tension of drive chains of the chain turntable of pendulum doffing every month.
        7.8 Inspect the abrasion of the wheels of pulley and adjustable bearing bush every 5~6 month.
        8. Electric Components (refer to electrical instructions)
        9. Other Components to Be Provided by the Buyers    
        9.1 Pipes outside the machine
        9.2 Air compressor or compressed air supply station
        10. Drawings and Technical Documents
        10.1 Inspection materials of product pressure vessel
        10.2 Product specifications
        10.3 Specifications and summary sheets
        11. Attachment - Drawings 

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